Olivier Touplain

Before being founder and manager Service Gagnant, Olivier worked in many places like Avignon and Saint Raphael, Corsica (during 10 years).   He was also tennis coach in England, twice for 3 months.

Sylvain Guy

Sylvain is a complete sportsman, beyond his skills regarding tennis coaching any levels, Sylvain have got several diplomas : BEES Pentathlon Moderne (tir, escrime, swimming, equitation, athletisme)   BEES Natation, BPJEPS Multi-sports.

Marion Raffin

Passionate about nature, relaxation, balance and the art of letting go, Marion takes us in her world of low impact gymnastics, easy and/or dynamic stretching and adapted body strength work.
Marion uses technics inspired by yoga and pilates. 

Imagine yourself and your guests, at home under the shade of a platanifolia tree, enjoying an easy or more intense workout with Marion…with a nice musical accompaniment..just loud enough not to disturb the cicadas! (July/August only).

Jordan Berthet-Pilon

Rich from the experience acquired in the most prestigious tennis academies of Australia and New Zealand, and just returned from a three months charitable mission in Tanzania where he helped under privileged children hit their first tennis balls, Jordan is now a member of the Service Gagnant team!
A dynamic and skilled teacher, Coach Jordan has a keen eye for the game, quickly understanding the needs and aspirations of the players in his care.
His teaching is simple and very efficient, you are going to love it!